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Rahav Wellness is a highly specialized medical clinic offering holistic and modern medicine practices alongside natural wellness strategies and lifestyle support. They offer unique wellness services- like Functional Medicine, Immunology, Kinesiology, IV drips, colonics, and more- to the NYC market.

The health and wellness industry in New York City is extremely competitive, so search visibility was a top priority. Their in-house team didn’t have the tools and resources required to get the job done.

Break the Web was brought in to run an SEO campaign targeting their new services. We increased their search visibility and put them at the top of the results for organic keywords by optimizing their website, producing relevant content, and acquiring industry-specific backlinks.

"Break The Web doesn’t just fill that checkbox of SEO; they strategize a realistic SEO campaign while educating us along the way in a collaborative environment."

Some call it magic, we call it strategy.


Keyword/Opportunity Research to gain perspective on Rahav’s current keyword performance, identify the best organic keyword opportunities and define a strategy for improving search traffic volume.

Content Ideation & Development to determine the most relevant topics for Rahav’s target audience and build a campaign that resonates with potential clients.

On-Page SEO to create thematic-relevancy throughout Rahav’s website and optimize for specific keyword targets in the music education industry.

Technical SEO Auditing to locate backend issues that could be causing errors when search bots crawl the website and negatively impacting Music to Rahav’s ranking on SERPs.

Competitive Landscape Audits to locate organic search opportunities that are paying off for Rahav’s primary competitors in NYC’s health and wellness industry.

Content Gap Analysis of Rahav’s existing content pieces to enhance their crawlability and positioning on SERPs.

Backlink Acquisition in health and wellness-specific publications to drive traffic, relevancy, and trust from those publications back to Rahav Wellness and improve Off-Page SEO.



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Increase in organic traffic

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#3 - Functional Medicine NYC
RW GSC Mid-2021
Organic Search Impressions Increased 1152% - Google Search Console
#1 - Kinesiology NYC
#1 - Colon Cleanse NYC
#3 - IV Therapy NYC
#3 - IV Therapy NYC
Source: Ahrefs
Source: Semrush



"They strategize a realistic SEO campaign while educating us along the way"

Break The Web doesn’t just fill that checkbox of SEO; they strategize a realistic SEO campaign while educating us along the way in a collaborative environment. They helped move my plan forward even when I was getting stuck in my own world of professional concerns. Our organic traffic has increased tremendously, and our new wellness services are taking off in the New York City market.

— Dr. Miriam Rahav

Medical Director, Rahav Wellness

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