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The internet is all word-of-mouth.
Let's make sure you're talked about.

SEO strategy & Search marketing campaigns are the best ways to start a buzz. Every keyword, link, and piece of content builds your reputation & recognition until you’re too good to go unnoticed.

Search Engine Optimization

Build trust with your audience, rise through the Google search rankings, and become the main authority in your industry.

• Audit & deep-dive into the market research (and keywords) that target your perfect audience from Day 1.

• Comprehensive on-page SEO recommendations & technical audits throughout your entire website so GoogleBots have no issue crawling your pages and making you easier to find you in the search engine results.

• Strategic and intentional manual outreach to the key people, sites, and channels that create quality backlinks to your content.

• Improvement on your Voice Search Optimization, which means we measure how easy it is for Google to understand what your content means. You might’ve heard about Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and IBM Watson. That’s exactly what we’re looking at, so your people can find you.

• Tracking & reporting on the SEO campaign metrics that matter so you always feel confident about what we’re doing.

• Very thorough market & consumer research that tells us what your audience cares about and clicks on.

• Development of a full digital marketing strategy & content calendar that pinpoints topics to write about and takes brainstorming off your plate.

• Manual outreach to the channels, platforms & people who want to publish your content and backlink to your site.

• Creation of super diverse content, from GIFs and polls to videos and infographics.

• More clicks on your links & visits to your site from Google results & other businesses sharing (or hosting) your content.

• Tracking & reporting on where your content’s been published, how many people saw it, and the number of clicks that mean new eyes on your site.

Content Marketing

Every piece of new content you put out into the world is another opportunity for someone to find your business & become a lifelong devotee.

• Get the ultimate cheatsheet on seeing results from SEO with digital or in-person workshops.

• Revisit what you heard, learned & master with audio, video & transcribed recordings.

• Look behind the curtain — and inside our internal execution docs — to clone our systems & processes. It’s about getting you results efficiently and reliably.

• Demystify organic growth & search marketing by learning what’s fact in the industry — and what’s pure fiction.

• Map out your plan for world domination as we dive into the details of your specific business, and dream up what’s possible.


Keep your in-house digital marketing team at the front of the industry (and your business at the top of rankings) with the newest & most effective ways to navigate SEO.

Hey there. We care about your wins. A lot.

Meet the 3 diehard principles that make your organic growth an inevitability.

Step 1

Actually do the things that matter

Trackable, transparent results only come from quantifiable hard work. In other words — we do what we say we will. And we do it well.

Rather than doing “work” for the sake of checking boxes, we invest time only in the strategies & tools that really move the needle. 

Step 2

Do the work without contracts

‘Round these parts, we don’t believe in contracts. (Contracts can mean that digital marketing agencies start to coast.) Instead, we see every month as an opportunity to earn our keep, show off the results, and keep your organic growth going.

Step 3

And do it all above the board

There’s a whole search marketing underworld out there that uses shady tactics to get ahead. Here at Break the Web, our digital marketing services are clearly communicated and professionally executed — with the metrics and data to prove it.

When you pull to the front of the pack, we'll be excitedly watching with popcorn.

(Let ’em wonder how you made it happen.)

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