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We help in-house B2C/D2C marketers make SEO easy, effective, and measurable.

Shopify SEO

Elevate your Shopify store with our cutting-edge SEO strategies, designed to boost visibility and drive sales. Our approach tackles Shopify's unique SEO challenges, ensuring your products shine in search results. Partner with us to unlock your online store's potential, enhancing traffic and customer engagement with precision and expertise.


The consumerization of health and wellness is here. At any moment, people can go online and find exactly what they’re looking for, from serums and supplements to urgent physician consultations and appointments. Our specialized marketing services will help your health and wellness brand be a beacon for people seeking solutions online—at every step of the journey


Confession: we’re a team full of pet lovers. Dogs, cats, llamas, you name it. So it only makes sense that we spend a lot of time helping pet business brands build their digital presence, increase traffic, and dial-up conversions online. A lot more woof, if you will, and that goes for pet products and services, eCommerce, retail, and more.


The beauty and cosmetics market is booming, with new beauty trends popping up at every turn. We have years of experience building SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising strategies that help seasoned marketing execs drive serious ROI in the skin, hair, beauty, and cosmetics space.



Search marketing can be a powerful way to attract new listeners, subscribers, streamers, and fans. At Break the Web, we know how to help music education, music licensing, and custom music studios stand out in a space that welcomes new competitors every day.



The buyers and decision-makers in this space have different priorities. They do a lot of their own research online, and these search habits change across the journey from discovery to conversion—a journey that tends to be much longer. That’s why you need a search marketing strategy specialized in technology and SaaS. And we’ve got it down to a science.

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